My (liberal) opinion

Really WSJ, really?

Wow – Wall Street Journal, just wow, what were you thinking posting this tantrum, by a high school student who did not get into her dream college?

Well, here’s my tantrum.


Really WSJ? Or should I say: WTF? Evidently, WSJ is planning to become a “hip,” “young” publication that showcases the latest in teenage rants and stupidity, rather than the well-respected journal I had grown to admire. Really WSJ? Will you be trolling the malls for the next big news break?


I was surprised to this op-ed in the WSJ. It seems more up the alley of the Onion, akin to such gems like:


However, if this were actually an Onion article,  Girl Finds out Being Yourself is not Enough to get into College, it would actually be funny, with less racism and bigotry.


So what happened? Slow opinion day? Did you get a head start on your April Fool’s joke?


Go ahead, defend it, hundreds of commenters already did, essentially stating that “this girl is making a political statement about the problematic college admission process.” No. It’s a tantrum,  disguised as a “witty, well-written” op-ed piece, words from the comments, definitely not my own. Here’s a funny fact, did you know that her sister used to work at the WSJ? Oh, and that her family’s home was featured in the WSJ? Huh, interesting how  the favoritism is unfair when one teen happens to be gay or Native American, which the mostly white, straight college student body should accept with open arms. However using family connections to be published in the WSJ is nepotism, err, I mean, fair.


Really WSJ, you think this girl is funny? None of her sarcastic comments are actually funny. In fact they’re offensive, racist and bigoted by implying that people only excel because of their ethnicity or sexual orientation. Because we all know that every gay high school kid’s biggest challenge is deciding between Harvard and Yale.


And what is up with the “funny” hate towards charity? I actually think a charity for homeless people’s pets sounds like a great idea, I would give her credit had it not been a sarcastic, nasty remark. Has it occurred to her that maybe a homeless person’s pet is the only friend they have? That the one friend, a dog, may be keeping said homeless person sane and calm, rather than yelling at her? So why not thank that pooch for all the good work he’s doing with a little health and wellness? Really, WSJ, thought you struck gold with this girl, eh?


And now I am actually engaging in this child’s tantrum, thanks WSJ. Was that your intent? Get people riled up? Great, your short-term goal has ruined your credibility. The WSJ I used to love now looks like a pathetic, pandering shell of its former self. Was it worth it WSJ, really?



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