October #Unprocessed – Day 1

It’s day 1 of the unprocessed food challenge. So far it has been hardest on my kitchen as I’ve been trying out some new recipes.

Last night, in preparation, I made my amazingly delicious chocolate chip oatmeal cookies with maple syrup rather than sugar and very very dark chocolate (I think it was at least 80% – still had some processed sugar in it)

Well they weren’t as amazingly delicious as usual. That sugar is really necessary. So now I don’t really know what to do. Unfortunately, my nearby trader joe’s does not carry many different types of sugar. So I think I need a trip to Whole Foods to find one of these unprocessed varieties. If I can find it – I would like to use Muscovado for my next batch of cookies.

Due to my cookie mishap, I decided to make it up by cooking dinner. We make a lot of fajitas at our house, but usually with delicious super processed flour tortillas. So tonight I made tortillas from this recipe.

After a rocky start – we ended up with some small yet good looking tortillas. We loaded them up with fajita fixin’ – chicken, onion, and bell pepper with some cheese on top. We added some hot sauce (ok, it had xantham gum in it) because it definitely need it. The tortillas were a bit mealy and took some time to eat and swallow – but still pretty delicious.

In the meantime, I have made my own chocolate – based on this recipe. The chocolate ended up being pretty tasty, but as somebody who doesn’t like coconut I definitely shouldn’t have used coconut oil. Unfortunately, TJ’s did not have cocoa butter. I’ll be buying some of that this week.

I worked from home today – so I had some time to play around in the kitchen – don’t expect so much activity tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “October #Unprocessed – Day 1

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