October #Unprocessed – Day 2: the confession

I have a confession to make. I am sick of salad. Yesterday I ate no greens. That’s right – not a single one.
Yesterday morning I didn’t even make my smoothie – I made oatmeal (oats and water – how boring) with loads of fruit. For lunch i intended to warm up a chicken breast and put it with some greens, but ate the chicken and called it quits. .For dinner – I made fajitas.

I felt full and guilty. I was determined to prove that unprocessed does not mean I have to give up and eat salad for 31 days. But I already know this. I guess I freaked out and went a bit overboard. A surprise as I thought this would be a relatively easy challenge for me: somebody who drinks a green-ish (depending on the fruit added) smoothie every morning and a salad for lunch most days. I guess I didn’t realize how much I relished my boyfriend’s cooking. Our dinner, it turns out, is the meal I look forward to. His cooking, although veggie heavy, is far from unprocessed – there’s always sauce (sometimes homemade, but many not) and carbs: pretzel buns, tortillas (a lot of tortillas), rice, sushi (ok- not his cooking, but a main staple of our diet).
 Well I’m back to normal:
In the morning I had my usual banana/berry/kale smoothie with water and ice – nothing exciting there.
For lunch I went to a “salad” bar. I use quotes because only 1/3 is actually a salad bar. The rest is chinese food and sushi. It was actually really hard. I had no idea what the sauteed vegetables had been cooked in and the rotisserie chicken looked and smelled amazing, but again – what was the sauce? I know a lot of sauces contain unnecessary additives and sugar, so that was a no-go. I stuck to the front section with all the veggies and actual salad fixins. I was lost for protein; the chicken and tuna salad wasn’t going to cut it – plus i’m not a fan of mayo. And the deli meat? Nope. I grabbed some fresh mozarella, hard-boiled eggs, and a bunch of veggies.
I was really nervous about being hungry and really wanted a cookie. But I got on some calls and before I realized it was time for my 3pm chai latte.Yep, everyday I visit Starbucks to give them $3 for something I could probably throw together in the office kitchen. But I love it and am addicted. So what’s a girl to do?
I went to Peet’s – I ordered an unsweetened chai latte, though still no idea what that means, loaded it up with some honey and it was delicious. Hopefully I’m not living in a fool’s paradise, because I can get used to this.
Tonight we’re hitting Whole Foods – time for something besides chicken, but of course – plenty of greens!

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