#Unprocessed October Day 10: Ouch, Falling off the Wagon Hurts

I fell off the wagon. I knew I would – I couldn’t avoid it. I went to a conference for 4 days. I lived off of airport food, whatever the conference served for breakfast and lunch, and anything I could find for dinner. That’s right – no hand made tortillas, no simple grilled chicken, no homemade chocolate, but rather plates full of uncertainty.

Sunday night  wasn’t too bad, a little mac and cheese at the reception (it was so good – but probably not great for me) and then some gazpacho. I felt pretty confident that I could make the gazpacho easily at home.  On Monday I expected breakfast to have something like eggs, pastries, bacon and fruit – I would stick to eggs and fruit. Nope – just carbs and fruit. I grabbed a tiny bagel, loaded it with cream cheese and had a huge side of fruit. For lunch there was a sandwich bar – I avoided the bread and had the protein with a side salad. But I buckled at the site of chocolate chunk cookies – just one.

That night I tried to eat some stir fry at the reception. It was a disaster. Too salty, over sauced, and instantly made my stomach hurt. After 4 bites, I ditched it. I hate to waste, but I hate feeling sick even more. I skipped dinner and finished the night with a hot chocolate. No idea what that was made of, but it was tasty and soothed my stomach.

Tuesday started with huevos rancheros at a restaurant. I tried to choose something good: “homemade tortillas, eggs, avocado, cheese, salsa” It all sounded pretty good – until it was totally bland and boring. What a disappointment, hopefully it was mostly unprocessed, otherwise it was just a waste! For lunch it was a fajita bar, I grabbed a “whole wheat tortilla,” of course, not sure of the validity of that. I filled my plate with a ton of veggies and chicken, and tried to keep it as clean as possible. That night I had scallops, crab cakes, and salad. It was delicious, but too much food as my stomach hurt… again.

Seriously, this small lapse was not been fun. Sure I got to eat delicious cookies, but I don’t think it was worth it. Plus, I could taste too much salt, and sugar where it shouldn’t be, and I think I gained 5 pounds.

Today it was back to basics: green smoothie for breakfast, a clean salad for lunch, and an amazing dinner made by George: juicy chicken topped with avocado and tomato, plus some great veggies with grated cheese. Enjoying the painless eating!



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