#Unprocessed October: A weekend of deliciousness!

What a weekend! G & I have decided to not be too strict on weekends – our social life just can’t handle it. Quite honestly, we go so hard during the week being unprocessed: trying new recipes, making things from scratch, debating ingredients – that when Saturday morning rols around, I just want to go to my local coffee shop, grab a 4$ chai and 3$ donut to split with my boyfriend, and hope that the high prices mean that we’re at least getting quality ingredient.s

Anyway – back to our weekend –  on Saturday we went to the Nor Cal Renaissance Faire. It was great – we ate turkey legs (probably the least processed – but dry so we piled on some sauce), root beer floats, and meat pies. And of course Mead!


I honestly didn’t feel too bad as I kept giving away most of my food. My brother and our family friend who joined us were happy to finish my turkey leg and chicken pie. The 1/2 leg, 1/2 meat pie and float were enough to get me through the rest of the day. They gave us the energy we needed to make a trip to the Gilroy outlets where I picked up a BCBG dress and heels and G got some cute Coach flip flops for super cheap – If there’s anything I love more than food, it’s an amazing sale!

hello beautiful!

hello beautiful!

Back to food: the rest of the weekend was pretty unprocessed. On Friday night G made a delicious salad and cheese stuffed portobello mushrooms. Mmm… we really love cheese.

After dinner, I decided to make chocolates. I put banana, cocoa powder, and honey in the food processor. The pudding like consistency was delicious, but decided to freeze them. So good! The perfect amount of chocolate and sweetness needed. However, the minute I take them out of the freezer, they start to melt – so I pop them straight into my mouth.


some got smooshed – but still delicious!

Tonight – we had breakfast for dinner: an omelette and pancakes! The omelette was simply: eggs, cheese, all natural chicken sausage, and bell pepper. George made pancakes from 3 ingredients: banana, egg, and whole wheat flour. So delicious and super thin! Topped off with some pure maple syrup, they were better than anything I could find in the store  – it was perfect.

What a great weekend of food and fun! Check out some photos below. Back to completely unprocessed tomorrow… stay tuned.


my 1/2 of the pancakes and omelette


the makings of a delicious omelette.


mmm.. pancakes!


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