#Unprocessed October – lessons learned

For the past month I’ve gone unprocessed. Well… mostly unprocessed (the weekends were a bit lax). This means nothing that is overly processed and/or can’t be made in my kitchen. What this means in reality?
No Sugar
Less eating out
A lot of recipes
Over the past month – I have tried to make my own:
  • Bread (not bad at first, but super dense and it went hard fast)
  • Tortillas (also pretty dense, but not too bad covered in cheese!)
  • Pasta (we’ll get to that in a second, way too heavy)
  • Cookies (these were the first think I’ve made, there’s a reason I haven’t had a cookie since October 6th)
  • Granola (AMAZING! Finally)
  • Chocolates (not bad actually, but want to give it another go)
So what did all of this teach me?
a. You can lose weight easily (and put it back on) I lost 10 pounds within the first 2 weeks. I had a delicious binge weekend and weight myself too soon after, I gained 3 pounds! But then it all fell off within 2 days of clean, unprocessed eating.
b. I can’t make my own carbs well – but for quite a few first times, it wasn’t terrible
c. I love food and plan to keep up this unprocessed life including the cheating on the weekends
d. when you eat right, you get full easily, and when you get full easily, even when you cheat with delicious foods, you won’t want as much of them.
The issue this month has been carbs. I crave them, but just can’t make them very well. Maybe it’s the flour that I’m using. My bread was good for a day, but then became hard as a rock. Luckily melted cheese makes everything better! So – one night I decided to make pesto from scratch. I used my mom’s “recipe” which is basically, everything to taste: basil, olive oil, garlic, pine nuts and my fav: cheese!
I wanted to just throw it over some chicken, but G wanted to make pasta. From scratch. Umm.. we didn’t even eat until 930. We had to go out and buy a rolling pin for this, though what we really needed was a pasta presser. OUr pasta was waaaayyy too heavy. We made ravioli with chicken, pesto, bell pepper filling. Top with some Olive oil and cheese. It was good – but, we both ate about 4 ravioli and were STUFFED!  Two days later I had a chicken sausage + 2 ravioli and was full.
Here’s what we did for the pasta, maybe if you use a lighter flour and a pasta presser it will come out great. It was still really good, just too heavy. If you try it, let me know how it goes:
6 cups of flour
3 eggs
We mixed it all together by hand, let it sit in saran wrap for 30 minutes (while we went to purchase the roller) Came back and rolled it out. We filled up some pockets, wetted our hands, pinched the sides, and placed them in boiling water. Once they started to float we knew they were done.
uncooked fresh ravioli

uncooked fresh ravioli

We poured some oil in the pan, threw the ravioli back in, and poured in some cheese.
It was soo good!
Just heavy. Lesson learned. We’ll try again.

the finished product with delicious early girl tomatoes!


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