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Vacation: the best excuse ever.

I haven’t blogged in a couple of weeks; I was busy – vacationing! My family and I went down to Argentina and Uruguay.
It was a fabulous trip!

We went down there for a wedding; quite the event. Que fabulouso! Our foreign exchange student from High School was getting married. He lived with us during my freshman year of high school (his and my brother’s senior year). He’s Chilean, but his bride is Argentinean. It was a great excuse to hit up South America. It had been a while since we last saw him (they visited) and we wanted to be there for his big day!

In Argentina weddings start at 8pm and end at 6am. I did my best to keep up but had to call it quits around 3:30 am. There was a lot of dancing, and EVERYBODY danced! Little kids were dancing until the wee hours and all the older people were right there with them. I think it’s how they justify all the consumption of red meat. There was a very strict schedule: eat. dance. eat. dance. eat. dance.

There was so much food! I was already full before the 1st course – in fact it was uncomfortable eating after all the appetizers. Not only were there passed appetizers, but also there were food stations set up. Paella and mussels at one, a fajita wrap bar at another, and a sandwich station, full of bread, meats, cheeses, roasted vegetables, and more! Mind you, all of this was on the 1st floor – dinner and dancing was happening right after on the 2nd floor!

These stations were so delicious and vegetarian friendly. Well I’m not really a vegetarian, but everybody kept calling me a vegetarian despite my protests, “but I eat chicken and fish…” It didn’t matter, the seafood and chicken options were abundant. When we finally sat down for the main course, I was so full and the vegetarian courses were not as exciting as the other goodness I had already eaten.

There was a special treat: a Tango show. Damn! It was a hot show –  with a great looking couple and very sexy attire. It is the dance of passion after all. I had mentioned wanting to learn Tango, so when the tango dancers asked for volunteers to get up and learn, I was quickly encouraged to get up there. Of course, G wasn’t jumping up in agreement, but I did need a partner, so he finally gave in.

Next there was a typical Chilean dance, full of cowboy boots, hats, and white handkerchiefs. We watched the cousin and sister of the groom perform the dance, and then all Chileans got up and performed the dance too. And then, it was time for more food and dancing. But, we were wiped out!

We called two taxis for our party of 6, the 1st arrived in 10 minutes and the other was late enough that I still had time to run up stairs and eat a delicious dessert! Somehow I found room in my otherwise full stomach for dessert: a tropical fruit trifle full of custard, passion fruit sauce, ice cream and chocolate.

It was the perfect end to an amazing night!

The rest of the trip included a lot of sight seeing, walking, and eating! OMG we ate so much and a ton of meat (well, not me), carbs and sweets! Too much to report in one post, so I’ll have to post more soon. Now that I’m no longer on vacation, I have no excuse!


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