3 things Nonprofits should do on Twitter RIGHT NOW

You want more followers? You want people to listen and follow? You hope these will lead to more funds? Start here.


1. 1:3 rule. For every tweet that you write about yourself, tweet about or to others, such as a retweet, a post about an article or a response to others.

2. Ask your audience to do the marketing for you while you have them captivated. If you’re a theater company, you have people sitting in your seats waiting, ready to listen, watch, and engage. Why not use that time wisely? Jazz up your typical pre-show announcement: “Are you tweeting? Don’t forget to tweet at us! Go ahead, take a second- check in, tweet, instagram, use our hashtag #abctheater. Now that that’s done, silence your phones and we’ll start the show!”

3. Host a #hashtag competition. “Tweet during intermission @abctheater with hashtag #abc2014, and we’ll pick one lucky winner to receive tickets to our next show!”

Go ahead – try them out.

like a boss


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