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eminence organics

In 2009 I decided to put down the 100 calorie packs and settle for more natural and organic food options. Plus, fruits, veggies, and real, organic, ice cream just taste better. I decided it was time to do something similar with my skin care. Think about all the crap our skin soaks up, do you really want all those chemicals on your face?

For the past 4 years I’ve been playing with different all natural and organic skincare – I even made my own!
In the end – Eminence Organics is my favorite.
This is my eminence routine:
1. Rub Clear Skin Probiotic cleanser onto my face, add some water, lather up!
2. Spritz some Neroli Age Corrective Hydrating Mist – it helps wake me up in the mornings!
3. Use a little Bamboo Firming Fluid serum.
4. Finalize with a Persimmon & Cantaloupe moisturizer – it has lasted a long time, even though I really want to eat it. (haven’t tried, but the consistency & smell make me think of fruity whipped cream, sounds delish, right?)
When I remember, I use the Garlic & Tomato mask which feels great on my skin and makes me want to cook italian food.
As you may have noticed, I’m running out of my moisturizer. I’m going to try a new one: the Bright Skin moisturizer, I’ll let you know how it goes. Hoefully it will help with my “aging” skin, I did just turn 30…
B.T.Dubs – here are some great places to get an eminence facial in SF:
Baby Face Skincare – Kim is fantastic and the facial lasted forever!
HL Orgnaics – Helen is super sweet and it’s a great facial (no extractions, fyi.)

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