To Le Tote or Not To Le Tote? My thoughts on the question.


My closet is a bit of a disaster. In that I have a lot of great pieces that I forget about or wear too many times and then grow tired of them. I love to shop but don’t need more clothes on my floor in my closet. Enter Le Tote. It’s the Netflix for clothing. You get something, try it out, wear it, and send it back. Save the quarters for parking spots, you don’t even have to clean it!

So far, I’ve received two totes. The first was kind of a bust. The cute dress that looked good on the model was hideous on me. And the medium size jacket that I loved was too big. So I sent it back. The next tote was amazing!

What’d I receive?

In every tote you get 3 pieces of clothing and 2 pieces of jewelry. I received: A super cute skirt, french connection top, a great blue dress, a gorgeous necklace (too short) and a fun cuff (which I wore for 3 days straight).

The super cute skirt (also a medium) didn’t fit right. But the shirt and dress? Jackpot!

I dressed up the shirt for casual Friday at the office with a boyfriend blazer (from the Barney’s warehouse sale, years ago) and some booties & Marc Jacobs jeans (both from Nordstrom) Without the blazer, I think it looks too boxy.



The blue dress fit perfectly! I wore it to brunch, a matinee at the A.C.T, and finally – date night. The dress kept up with my schedule and worked for every event on my social calendar. I coupled it with an infinity scarf, a BB Dakota leather jacket, Michael Kors purse, and some leather boots. I obviously love colors!



Should you try Le Tote?

Pros: you get to try some awesome pieces. You can test styles and colors without purchasing. You get as many totes per month as you want. Free shipping. It’s super fast. Finally, if you want to purchase you receive a member discount.

Cons: No control over what you get. Not all sizing is equal. You get what you choose, what happens when I run out of chosen items?

Here’s a special invite just for you!

I’m still loving it. I’m sure I’ll find some great pieces that I want to add to my floor closet. But until then, I love that I can try new styles and stay up on the latest trends. I can’t wait to see what the next tote holds!


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