It’s Almost October – let’s get #Unprocessed!

I am so excited about the October Unprocessed Challenge. Never heard of it? Head over to and get signed up!

Basically – if you can’t make it in your kitchen – it doesn’t belong in your mouth. So this means that you have to read your labels!  Don’t know how they make “natural flavoring”? Me neither. So put that item down and make it yourself – with real flavors. Just search #cleaneats on Instagram and you’ll find thousands of recipes.

For more motivation – check out my slide show from last year: 7 reasons to go unprocessed!

One of the big issues I always face is: SUGAR. I have a crazy sweet tooth! And most sugar is very bleached and processed. Last year, I got very familiar with honey, maple syrup, & 70% + dark chocolate. I make an exception for dark chocolate. Raw cacao is too bitter for me, so I try to stay above a certain percent of cacao.

Based on my results from last year (dropped 7 lbs and learned to bake bread: win-win) – I want to focus on:

  • Clean desserts (following a lot of people on Instagram for this)
  • Clean weekends – last year, we got pretty lackadaisical on the weekends
  • Cooking more. Right now, my boyfriend is a great cook, but if I can buy raw/unprocessed items – I opt for that instead of experimenting and making it from scratch. It’s time to get messy!

So I hope you’ll join me on this challenge. And if you invite me over for brunch, expect me  to bring something unprocessed!  Or a lot of fruit.


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