It’s all About the Dough

We are well past the 1/2 way mark and it has been an amazing month so far. This October #unprocessed is fun and exciting, but definitely better with a partner. Yes, I get hangry when I have to roll out my own pizza dough and can’t just order delivery, but it’s so much better when I have a boyfriend who can pop a grape in my mouth to keep me calm.
I have to thank that boyfriend for loving to cook and finding great recipes. I have never had so much pie & pizza in my life while looking so good.
Last year we were all about big batches of granola, still doing that – which is awesome, but this year we are all about the dough. We make a lot of it and have it on hand ready to go. We start with whole wheat unbleached flour and then add accordingly.
Tortillas= flour +water +touch of salt +oil
Pie crust = flour + butter + touch of salt + water
Pizza crust = flour + water + yeast + touch of salt
 Notice anything processed? me neither. Once we have the foundation – it’s very simple: use whatever is in the kitchen. Ripe peaches? Great for a pie, just add some honey. Goat cheese? Goes well with the peach or on a pizza with chicken and tomato. And tortillas go with everything.
Of course I’m still loving my chocolate. It goes great with peach & honey in a pie. As I’ve mentioned in the past, I make an exception for chocolate that is over the  70% cacao mark. Just like high school: If I get over 70% I deserve chocolate.(I don’t think my parents shared my sentiment).
Of course, it hasn’t been all pizza and pie, or even all unprocessed. We took a hit one weekend. I thought one wedding can’t be too bad so we ate too much, drank too much and “cheated” way too much. By the time the cake came out, I was feeling pretty sick to my stomach. I couldn’t even take a bite. And then the next morning I continued my binge with a donut at the brunch, some turkey jerky sticks, and other pastries and eventually went to bed at 7pm with a migraine. I still believe it was too much refined sugar and not enough cleaneats.
But I’ve learned my lesson and I keep my cheating to a minimum, besides – why cheat when I have pie?

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