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Steady as she goes

There I was, surrounded by strangers and crying in tree pose. It was five days after the election and I decided to head to my local Prana store for a free a.m. yoga session. Half way through the class we were doing some standing balancing poses and our (amazing) teacher was helping us stay steady with her calming voice and tips for staying focus.  “There will be things that happen that will shift your world; stay steady.” A collective sympathy filled the air. We all knew we weren’t talking about yoga anymore. It is San Francisco, after all. It reminds me of the Epictetus quote I see all over Instagram:


I’m not saying we should just take the punch and move on, or even punch back right away – I’m saying let it hurt. If you get punched in the face, feel the pain, assess the situation and then decide how to react. Unfortunately, I would much prefer being punched in the face than what is happening to our country. And walking away is not an option.

Alright, let’s fight! But to be honest, that sounds exhausting. I don’t want to be angry all the time. I don’t want to be so riled up that I can’t enjoy a night out with my husband, or write a silly blog post about shoes, or take a cooking class with my mom. But, when I do all these things I feel guilty like I’m burying my head in the sand.

So, I’ve made a deal with myself. I’m going to stay balanced. I’m going to join the causes that I feel are important (unfortunately, right now that seems like everything) while also enjoying life.

In order to feel like I’m actually making a difference –  I am starting locally. My husband and I have enjoyed working with Habitat for Humanity, and we’ve made a decision to get even more involved. I plan to seek out other organizations where my efforts can be useful. I will start small while staying steady and focused; reacting in a positive and proactive manner as more issues arise, which seems imminent.

I won’t forget the fight for the greater good, but I also plan to enjoy a few good cocktails and a lot of retail therapy! This is my plan for staying steady and sane.



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